DIY Valentine Cards

By Holly Reyes February 8, 2017

Store bought Valentine cards are easy and usually not very expensive, but we enjoy putting our own personal twist on them. I couldn’t find stickers that fit this craft, so I did without, but feel free to use some. Each card only took about 2 minutes to make individually, but when cutting many sheets of paper at once then assembling, it took about 15 minutes for 25 cards.

Time: 15 minutes
Age: 5 and up

You’ll Need:
Construction Paper
Glue Sticks
Pens, Markers and/or Crayons

Small Sized Prizes
Stamps/Stamp Pad

Version 1

Cut paper into:
3” x 6-1/4” rectangle
2-3/4” square
2-1/2” square
3” x 1” rectangle

1. Take the large rectangle and fold 1/4” of one short end in, then fold the rest in half.
2. Glue small fold to the top half to seal the envelope.

3. Fold the small rectangle in half lengthwise and glue to 1 open side of the envelope to seal the bottom.
4. Decorate as desired.

1. Use a sticker or glue a ribbon to the top of the large square to create a pull-tab. (I used scrap paper.)
2. Glue the small square to the large square, centered, to cover the tab.
3. Decorate as desired.
4. Slide the decorated Valentine into the envelope.

Version 2
1. Cut paper into a 5” square.
2. Fold diagonally in half, both ways.

3. Fold vertically in half.
4. Fold sides inward.
5. Fold triangle ends up so they meet in the middle.

6. Decorate as desired and seal with a sticker.