Valentine Heart Craft

Festive decoration or valentine to give to ones you love!

By Jodi Lorence January 18, 2017


  • red, white, pink, and purple construction paper
  • red yarn
  • blunt ended needle
  • scissors


  1. Start by cutting out a bunch of small hearts from the paper. You can also cut around the holes from the hearts that you have already cut so you have the outline of them too.
  2. Cut a big heart out of the main color of your choice.
  3. Using either a hole punch or the end of the needle, punch holes in the border of your biggest heart, about an inch apart and about 1/2 inch in from the edge. (These are the holes you will be using when you hand sew with the yarn.)
  4. Thread about a yard of yarn onto the needle and tie a good knot in one end.
  5. Starting in any hole, except the top or the bottom, come through the hole from the wrong side (back) of your heart, pull the yarn all the way through the hole and then bring it around the outside edge and come back up through the next hole from the wrong side of your heart (this is called a whip stitch, if you need to find a video tutorial to help you). Continue in this manner all the way around the heart. After you have come through all the holes, you will finish off the yarn by going through the first stitch with your needle and making sure that you have a good knotted end, then cut the yarn. I always put a dot of glue on the knotted ends.
  6. Start to decorate your heart by gluing on the hearts you cut out. You can also use stickers, markers, glitter, buttons, or whatever other craft supplies you would like to use to embellish your valentine heart.
  7. Think of some cute Valentine sayings and add the one of your choice. Ours said "Be Mine"!
  8. Hang for a decoration or give as a valentine.