Unleash the endless play possibilities with Wild Woods play co.

Wild Woods Play Co is a premier toy and equipment rental service in Carver County, MN.

September 21, 2023

Wild Woods Play Co, is your premier destination for toy rentals! Our innovative toy rental service allows you to provide endless joy and learning opportunities for your little ones.

We aim to provide caregivers and children access to new toys and items that will spark creativity, imagination and active movement.  Our items are specially chosen to promote learning through play and independent play skills. We draw inspiration from open ended toys, Montessori elements and the simplicity of beautifully crafted wooden toys. We believe that children can also be active learners and have curated a wide selection of gross motor items for all ages to enjoy.

Toy rentals offer an innovative solution that aligns with modern parenting philosophies. They provide a cost-effective, sustainable, and space-saving alternative to traditional toy ownership. By utilizing toy rentals, parents can provide their children with a stimulating variety of toys while avoiding clutter and unnecessary expenses. Join us in discovering the many benefits of toy rentals and let your child’s imagination run wild with Wild Woods play co.

To get started browse Wild Woods Play Co. collection of high-quality toys, select the ones you want, choose your rental duration and pick them up from our Carver County (Waconia), MN location. Below are just a few of the items they provide.

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